Developed hardware and musical interfaces for performances and installations.

Three Eyes (2016)
A non-haptic interface built for an installation Frozen City
Seven Palms (2016)
A haptic interface with 7 force-sensitive-resisters, built for an installation Vox.
The participants can controller a VOSIM synthesizer, using the pressure of their fingers.
Peacock 2 (2011/rev. 2014)
A non-haptic performance interface, built for musical performances. The interface is equipped with 35 infrared sensors. Two performance pieces were composed for this interface.
Qgo 3.5 (2014)
A PCB version of Qgo 3.
Qgo 3 (2011)
A wireless glove-shaped performance insterface, with an infrared sensor, a gyroscope and an accelerometer.
Peacock (2009)
A non-haptic performance interface with 35 infrared sensors. The NIME paper about the technical is available.
Ergonomix (2008)
An ergonomic MIDI controller
Wireless Qgo (2008)
A bluetooth powered Qgo, built for a dance performance
Seven Eyes (2007)
A non-haptic performance interface with 7 infrared sensors
Qgo (2005)
The first version of Qgo. The hardware part was built by Shingo Inao.